Lake Manawa Fallen Tree

Lake Manawa
Fuji X-T30 and 35/2 lens

One thing I’ve noticed with my post-newspaper career photography, I seldom crop my photos anymore. When shooting portraits or any non-moving subjects for news, it was easy to frame in camera. But when shooting action, especially with sports, perfect framing in camera was the exception, not the rule. Of course I would try to fill my frame while shooting action, but most action photos would benefit from at least a little cropping, sometimes a lot.

That nonchalant attitude about cropping action photo would sometimes carry over to my non-action photos. If there were something distracting towards the edge of the frame, I wouldn’t worry about it knowing I could crop it out later.

Without knowing it, I think I learned more than I expected in my personal challenge of producing 35 photos in 35 days all shot with a 35mm lens. I didn’t crop any of those photos. If I would have, it would have defeated the purpose of forcing myself to shoot with that field of view. So I accidentally conditioned myself to shoot without the intent of cropping later.

It was a happy accident.

Robin Eggs

Fuji X-T3 and 23/2 lens

Checked on the birds nest on top of a light outside my door. I haven’t seen the mother robin for some time. I’m guessing these eggs won’t be hatching.