About Me

Jim Lee : Former newspaper photographer and now shooting photos mostly for fun. My most recent photos and musings and be found on my photo blog, B&W Odyssey. I also have some of may favorite photos from my past and present posted here. Thank you for visiting my website!

I felt lost when my long-time photojournalism career in the newspaper industry came to a sudden end. For two years I struggled to find joy in photography, I had to force myself to pick up my camera and go out to shoot photos. Often times I did it because it was expected of me.

I had given myself an occasional photo challenge to try to motivate myself, and it helped some. Then I decided to give myself a personal challenge to shoot only black and white photos for a month. And it worked!

I learned I love black and white photography. I love the timeless quality of black and white. I love the way it makes me look more at textures, lighting, contrast, shapes and forms. I love the way it strips away distractions and makes me think more about the content.

I’ve renamed my photo blog “B&W Odyssey” because shooting B&W has been my personal journey, my Odyssey, that has brought back my love of photography. I’ll still occasionally shoot and post some color photos, but for now I’ll be shooting mostly black and white.

— Jim Lee, Photographer

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